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Welcome to the site of W.T.M. de Boer B.V., Hillegom.

More than 70 years ago, we started as growers of flowerbulbs in Hillegom, in the famous flowerbulb area of the Netherlands. In 1971 Wim (W.T.M.) de Boer also started a worldwide export trade.
Nowadays our cultivation is mainly based on tulip bulbs, also in other parts of the Netherlands. Due to the fact that we also are growers, we have built a huge knowledge of our product. We stand out in terms of quality and service. As we visit our customers on a regular base and give them the needed advise, we have built longterm relationship with them.

Our specialization is tulips for cutflower production, but we supply all kinds of flowerbulbs. Our customers include growers of cutflowers & of bulbs on pot, as well as wholesalers, retailers and landscapers. They can be found from Iceland to Australia and from Germany to China.

Our warehouses in Hillegom have modern, computer controlled climate rooms, where the bulbs are treated at the required temperatures, ranging from -5° till +35° C.

10 Years ago, we also started planting flowerbulbs on crates, which are stored and prepared, to be shipped to customers when they are ready for forcing.