Buying flower bulbs in Holland

More than 70 years ago, we started growing flower bulbs, which you can buy from us as a business customer, in the world-famous Bollenstreek (flower bulb region). In 1971, Wim de Boer started exporting the popular flower bulb from Holland to the whole world. Nowadays, our flower bulb cultivation in several regions of the Netherlands focuses mainly on tulips. Because we are growers, we have acquired in-depth product knowledge over the years. Quality and customer service are top priorities at W.T.M. de Boer B.V. We visit our customers regularly and build up long-term relationships.

Buy flower bulbs from us and take advantage of the optimal conditions in Holland

We specialize in tulips for use as cut flowers. However, we stock all the flower bulbs that the Netherlands has to offer for cut and pot cultivation. Our customers are nurseries for cut and pot cultivation, tree nurseries and landscape gardeners who place high demands on the quality of the flower bulbs and therefore buy them from Holland. Our customers stretch from Iceland to Australia and from Germany to China.

Quality and delivery reliability are our top priorities

Our warehouse in Hillegom has modern, computer-controlled climate cells in which our wholesaler’s flower bulbs are treated at temperatures between -5° and +35°C. This means that every flower bulb can make its way from Holland to the whole world in optimum condition and live up to the good reputation that flower bulbs from Holland enjoy. For the past 10 years, we have also been planting flower bulbs in forcing boxes, which are stored and treated. The flower bulbs leave the Netherlands shortly before the forcing time so that they arrive at our customers at exactly the right moment. You are choosing quality and reliable delivery when you buy flower bulbs from Holland from us.
W.T.M. de Boer B.V.